About Shutdown

This ultra-small app shuts your computer off automatically after a given period (max. 24 hours). No need to use a keyboard! Shutdown is designed specifically so that the timer can be set just using a mouse or touch. Great for those extra lazy moments in which you do not want to look for your keyboard, e.g. in the dark during movie-time.

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Typical Usage

✔ During a movie you doze off, and do not want to risk being woken up by some action going on, e.g. a bit later on or by the next movie in your playlist. Solution: Use Shutdown and set the timer to the duration of the movie and relax: Your pc will be shut down automatically after the movie.

✔ Say: you’re running late for coffee with friends, but you’re still copying a bunch of files. Set the timer long enough so the computer will be auto shut down when you’re away, all files copied. Super productive!


✔ Automatically shut down your computer after a certain time has passed
✔ Shutdown is a super tiny app: just a bit of memory and storage is sufficient to automatically shut down your system!
✔ No administrator privileges needed (though your user needs sufficient ‘standard’ rights to shut down the computer)
✔ Easy to use and understand
✔ No need to use a keyboard!
✔ What you see is what you get, no further in-app purchases!

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