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I am happy to announce the initial release of “Screenshot One”, my first app for Windows Phone and Windows Mobile platforms. I wrote it between January and November 2016.

Screenshot One: What does it do?

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Screenshot One makes full-length screenshots of webpages much larger than your own screen dimensions – In seconds.

Screenshot hight & width are highly customizable. Webpage captures can be watermarked with a PNG or GIF from almost anywhere on the web. Virtually any sensible resolution is possible!

Screen captures can be rendered as PNG, GIF, JPEG or TIFF. You can distinguish the resulting larger-than-life screenshot with a file name reference of your choice. The finished screenshots can be found in the picture gallery.

Post-processing or other tasks you want to perform afterwards are facilitated with Screenshot One offering you to open the app of your choice for sharing or editing the image afterwards.

For specifications, more information, or to purchase the app, check out the Screenshot One listing in the Microsoft Store.

Other versions of Screenshot One are also available: Screenshot One for PC and Screenshot One Online. These versions are free of charge. A Screenshot One app for Android is to be expected sometime later this year.

In-App Screenshots on Windows Phone

*Note: The resulting screenshots are from a render from as these shots were not taken in sequence.

For additional information and screenshots, kindly refer to or the Screenshot One Facebook Page.

In-app screenshots on Windows Mobile

Next to the mobile phone version, you can also install the app on a Windows tablet or PC.

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