April and May were productive months in terms of app development on Microsoft’s Windows platform. In the last two months we have been fortunate to publish three new apps into the Windows Store.


Download or create vocabulary lists - Vocabulary.
Download or create vocabulary lists – Vocabulary.

Most likely, you want to practice some vocabulary when learning a new language. This app will help you better study a foreign language and especially its vocabulary. I spent many hours programming Vocabulary. However, since this project was a fun repetition in terms of my C# skillset, it is available FREE of charge.

More details in the Windows Store!


Shutdown on startup

This ultra-small app shuts your computer off automatically after a given period (max. 24 hours). No need to use a keyboard! Shutdown is specifically designed so that it can be set the timer using only a mouse or touch. Great for those extra lazy moments in which you do not want to look for your keyboard, e.g. in the dark during movie-time.

Get your copy now from the Windows Store!

Screenshot One Pro

Screenshot One Pro
Screenshot One Pro

We are proud to announce the crème de la crème of the Screenshot One family, Screenshot One Pro, out now for Windows Desktop systems.

Built on top of codebase that previously brought us Screenshot One for Windows Mobile and Full Page Screenshot on Android, Screenshot One Pro adds script support for automation and support for BMP, to name a few. It is indispensible in an all-round IT guys’ toolbox, and is very well suited for any designer that wants to squeeze out every last bit of productivity from their day. Because Pro really gets screenshots done – en masse!

Go check out the wide array of features it has on offer at the Windows Store, as well as a detailed overview on how to use the automation features.

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