Domain Nameserver Accuracy Checker

A best friend to any IT guy in need of some serious DNS testing, Domain Nameserver Accuracy Checker is there to verify whether a list of domain name servers finds the domains they should, and also does not find those that it should not.

Step 3: See exactly how far the chosen test is progressing.

Its code and binaries are readily available as freeware.

PMA Easy Export-Import Slicer

As suggested by its name, PMA Easy Export-Import Slicer chops up PhpMyAdmin SQL export files into smaller chunks so they can be imported better and faster, thus bypassing PMA’s default 2045kB import file size limit.

PMA Easy Export-Import Slicer - Chops up PhpMyAdmin SQL export files into smaller chunks so they can be imported better and faster.

A link to the source code on Github as well as an executable are available, gratis at your disposition.

C# and Java Byte Array Converter

Apparently a crowd pleaser, as it is the most popular open source freeware utility on our site, “C# and Java Byte Array Converter”, sports an easy GUI allowing for fast and accurate conversion between Java and C# byte arrays.

For your convenience, the source and executable are also freely available for this handy tool. I made it specifically to port my first-ever Windows Phone app to Android.

C# and Java Byte Array Converter

Multilink Browser Opener

Multilink Browser Opener is a simple app that allows opening one website after the other in a controlled fashion – using a predefined list.

Get your copy of the source or executable!

Multilink Browser Opener

Individual Copier

Individual Copier is a simple app that eases the pain of copying a sequence of different texts to clipboard. Simply predefine them as a list of comma-separated keywords or strings and one by one, copy the keywords. Great in combination with Multilink Browser Opener.

As always, here’s to free source code and binaries!

Screenshot of Individual Copier app

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